Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. Just about anything can speak to you in visual cues. After having studied fashion design and spent a lot of time honing her craft, Pilar del Campo has allowed herself to open up to inspiration, let it wash over her and guide her, regardless of where she finds it. There is joy to be found in the creative process and there is elegance to be found in simplicity.

Pilar del Campo designs clothing that can be worn comfortably and daily while retaining a sophisticated and dressed up appearance. To that end, everything she creates is dedicated to forward-thinking, innovative women. Pilar del Campo collections are for women that have been looking for something that clearly reflects the complexity, style and, elegance they hold inside.

All of the clothing is 100% “Made in Spain” and made of high quality materials. The firm’s work revolves around bringing excellence to the world. The garments that Pilar del Campo creates are an extension of her culture and social milieu, a relentless tidal flow transforming the tension between tradition and innovation into energy.

Regardless of how you to choose to define your own style – sophisticated, cheeky, outrageous, or luxurious – you’ll find it at Pilar del Campo